OMG!! This book is GREAT! Finished it in 4 hours! Just couldn't put it down. It's so practical and an easy read. I was convicted by a few of the points and had to hang my head...


Jeanette Le Gendre (MBA)




Eric, your book "The Balancing Act" was extremely insightful. Thank You Bro!


Ashby Anderson

Muse Creative Workspace




The Balancing Act is an easy to follow guide for day to day God driven time management. A key point for me was related to overextending myself.  My desire to help others becomes overwhelming at times. While raising 3 children I had to remind myself that I’m only one person and I have a responsibility to my family. The tips offered in this book reminded me of the proper order of commitment. My new favorite response is…NO!


Single Mother, Chesterfield, VA 




The Balancing Act is a realistic approach to getting things done and maintaining your sanity at the same time. The book is a must read for the body of Christ as it will help dispel some of the fear we have as Christians that we aren't putting God first in our lives. The Balancing Act is helping keep families together and one you will want to share with your family and friends. Read it and get set free.


Elder Kirby




My husband was blessed with the teaching on The Balancing Act. He came home telling how he was especially moved by Thompson’s teaching the husbands on helping out with household chores. Since Eric taught on The Balancing Act to a Men’s group, my husband makes the bed (without me asking) sweeps the floor, washes the dishes AND COOKS DINNER and he picks up behind himself!  BLESS GOD for The Balancing Act.


Overjoyed wife!




“The average person today is busier than ever. Juggling home, family, ministry, school, jobs and so much more. Running out of time in the day to get it all done. Simply put, wearing too many hats. The Balancing Act has the answer.  It reaches into your life and gets right down to the heart of the matter.  Filled with practical, yet insightful tips on how to bring balance to your life.  It will get you to the place where you can maximize your time, enjoy your family & friends, and take charge of your life. It’s a must read”.


Single mother juggling home, school, work & ministry




 “This strategic manuscript is God-breathed for it exposes the enemy, enlightens the believer, and challenges the reader to reevaluate the tempo of our lives.  The Balancing Act is a must read for it is truly a life changing book”.


Isaiah H. Cartledge




This newest book from Eric Thompson is a book that needs to be read by the body of Christ.  Oftentimes "church" people forget the most important thing while they serving at "church" and that is "home". This book agreed with my spirit so much that I read in it two days.  It was good to read a book that agreed with my spirit and the way that my husband and I run our home.


Stay at home mom




The balancing act is our practical guide for survival in a time of uncertainty. Eric Thompson has unfolded this step by step plan for re-gaining control of our lives.  In life we tend to over commit with limited time and unavailability. Many times we create a false reality that leads to a world of misrepresentation and an unbalanced life style.  This is evident in family, in church and in work.  If you desire to take the first step in balancing your life and adding the word "no" into your vocabulary, this is a must have and a must read.


Clearr Vission Support Services, Inc.

Owners: Derwin and Franswalla Hickman 




BRAVO! Thank you again for providing another encore of wisdom and revelation from God’s heart to yours! After reading, meditating and sharing with my husband some of the principles you discussed in “The Balancing Act—First Things First,” we are now applying “together” the “you must” principles to be more on “one accord” regarding our work, home, finances and most of all “each other!”


Chanell Thomas




The Balancing Act is a must-read particularly in today's on-the-go culture.  Since reading it, "No, thank you," has become a necessary and welcome part of my vocabulary.


Leithia S. Williams